Kappa and Swordfish take the lead

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(Source City League)

In the third week of the third CS:GO Season of TCL, The excitement was real again for new matches. The first match saw Kappa Jonkoping take on United Bialystok. The second match was a face off between Swordfish Banja Luka and Mostar Hornets. Over on Twitch we broadcasted both matches again, which resulted in interesting footage and a great vibe!

Kappa continues lead, Swordfish shows strenght

In week 2, we saw Kappa Jonkoping being reall strong, and they showed us again in week 3. Being dominant on both maps, the team from Sweden easily took home a win over Bialystok to strenghten their position on top of the TCL leaderboard. The other match saw Banja Luka’s pride take on the Hornets from mostar. And, to quote the casters “Since Hornets can’t swim”, it was a win in the end for Swordfish Banja Luka.

The league table now shows Kappa on top and Swordfish in second place. Bialystok and Mostar are having a battle at the bottom of the leaderboard!

Swordfish 3v1

Swordfish Banja Luka prooved they were a worthy contestor for the title, when IDZUO took out 3 Mostar players all by himself!



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